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Last month, #AIDS2020ForAll made it clear at AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam: There is worldwide opposition to hosting the 2020 International AIDS Conference in the United States.

Kevin Osborne, the new executive director of the International AIDS Society (IAS) has promised a full governance review and accountability for how a host city was chosen despite the opposition of every national network of people living with HIV in that country.

As we told him in Amsterdam, we are eager to work with Kevin (who is also the first Executive Director of IAS who is openly living with HIV) and IAS to right this wrong, working together for a successful and inclusive AIDS 2020 and a recommitment to transparency at IAS.

However, the secrecy continues.

Our groups reached out to Osborne, seeking answers about the status of any contracts, or any other details about the conference budget, and received a reply on August 27th that did not provide any of this information but instead stated the logistical complexities of shifting the venue at this time. While he did offer an in-person meeting, Osborne did not provide a timeframe for addressing specific queries. We can only assume that IAS is moving forward on making agreements in secret, over the opposition of many people living with HIV themselves, and their networks and allies worldwide.

With hundreds of organizations representing thousands of individuals already insisting that AIDS 2020 must be moved, it’s vital that IAS come out of the echo chamber of misinformed public health elites who are claiming that all will be fine, that the conference will shine a public spotlight on HIV during what is predicted to be the most violent and media-saturated presidential election in U.S. history. In addition, communities that are criminalized, black or brown, living in poverty, the targets of violence, and/or altogether banned from entering the U.S., are once again overlooked as vital voices in global gatherings the international AIDS conferences. We know assertions being made by IAS and the public health elite are just not grounded in the lived experiences of people most impacted by HIV.

Let’s take the next steps in this campaign to demand #AIDS2020ForAll:

  1. Please share this sign-on letter with at least 10 people, asking them for individual and organizational endorsements (and if your organizations have not yet endorsed, please ask them to do so — see the list linked here.
  2. Use social media to demand that IAS #OpenTheBooksOpenTheBid and provide #AIDS2020FinancialsForAll — you’ll find tweets you can use and share at the end of this message.
  3. Are you a person living with HIV, provider, researcher, student or are a member of other particular groups or networks involved in HIV? Contact us if you’d like help organizing your peers to voice your concerns.
  4. Sign up for the AIDS2020ForAll email discussion list to contribute your ideas and passion, or come join the conversation on our Facebook page.
  5. Register for the 8/30 webinar: Why AIDS 2020 is a Racial Justice Issue, sponsored by the U.S. People Living with HIV Caucus, HIV Racial Justice Now and other groups.
  6. If you are coming to the United States Conference on AIDS (USCA) in early September, contact us so we can connect with you there.

Sample social media posts:

.@IASociety Open Your Eyes: @AIDS2020 in Trump’s United States is Unwise #OpenTheBooksOpenTheBid #AIDS2020FinancialsForAll AIDS2020forall.org http://bit.ly/AIDS2020SignOn

Why won’t @IASociety end the secrecy around @AIDS2020? #OpenTheBooksOpenTheBid #AIDS2020FinancialsForAll AIDS2020forall.org http://bit.ly/AIDS2020SignOn

ALL networks of people living with HIV in the USA oppose @AIDS2020 coming to their country! We need @IASociety to #OpenTheBooksOpenTheBid, end the secrets and excuses. #AIDS2020FinancialsForAll AIDS2020forall.org http://bit.ly/AIDS2020SignOn

I won’t be able to get to @AIDS2020 in Trump’s United States. Why is @IASociety holding it there? They need to #OpenTheBooksOpenTheBid #AIDS2020FinancialsForAll AIDS2020forall.org http://bit.ly/AIDS2020SignOn

I refuse to attend @AIDS2020 in Trump’s United States since my brothers and sisters in other countries can’t get in or travel there safely. @IASociety, move the conference: #OpenTheBooksOpenTheBid #AIDS2020FinancialsForAll AIDS2020forall.org http://bit.ly/AIDS2020SignOn

As an HIV provider, I treat all in need. Why is @IASociety hosting @AIDS2020 in a nation that would reject or imprison my patients or colleagues? #OpenTheBooksOpenTheBid #AIDS2020FinancialsForAll AIDS2020forall.org http://bit.ly/AIDS2020SignOn

Thousands at #AIDS2018: We won’t come to U.S. for @AIDS2020 since it bans entry to many affected by HIV. @IASociety: We’re hiring a conference coordinator in San Francisco. How will you afford the conference we can’t or won’t come to? #OpenTheBooksOpenTheBid #AIDS2020FinancialsForAll AIDS2020forall.org http://bit.ly/AIDS2020SignOn

#Trump America is anti-immigrant/sex worker/trans ppl = unsafe for #AIDS 2020! What has @IASociety committed to? #OpenTheBooksOpenTheBid #AIDS2020FinancialsForAll http://bit.ly/AIDS2020SignOn AIDS2020forall.org

Bay Area PLHIV networks say NO to #AIDS 2020 in USA! But is @IASociety saying YES to contracts despite the opposition? #OpenTheBooksOpenTheBid #AIDS2020FinancialsForAll  http://bit.ly/AIDS2020SignOn AIDS2020forall.org

#Trump America is anti-immigrant/sex worker/trans ppl = unsafe for #AIDS 2020! #HIVpowershift #noaids2020USA #aids2020forall #aids2018 http://bit.ly/AIDS2020SignOn AIDS2020forall.org

Bay Area PLHIV networks say NO to #AIDS 2020 in USA! #HIVpowershift #noaids2020USA #aids2020forall #aids2018 http://bit.ly/AIDS2020SignOn AIDS2020forall.org

Muslim ban & family separations, #Trump’s America is not safe for #AIDS  2020! #HIVpowershift #noaids2020USA #aids2020forall #aids2018 http://bit.ly/AIDS2020SignOn AIDS2020forall.org

Ban on #sexworkers & ppl who use drugs, keeps impacted communities from US #AIDS 2020! #HIVpowershift #noaids2020USA #aids2020forall #aids2018 AIDS2020forall.org http://bit.ly/AIDS2020SignOn

Nothing about us without us: PLHIV want an #AIDS2020forall! #HIVpowershift #noaids2020USA #aids2018 AIDS2020ForAll.org http://bit.ly/AIDS2020SignOn

.@iasociety must relocate #AIDS 2020, U.S. is too dangerous and volatile for key populations #HIVpowershift #noaids2020USA #aids2020forall #aids2018 AIDS2020forall.org http://bit.ly/AIDS2020SignOn

.@iasociety: how much worse must #Trump America get, before you will relocate #AIDS 2020? #HIVpowershift #noaids2020USA #aids2020forall #aids2018 AIDS2020forall.org http://bit.ly/AIDS2020SignOn

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