It’s a Crucial Time to Speak Out: AIDS2020ForAll

The International AIDS Society has violated its own values and the trust of people with HIV worldwide when it selected the United States as host nation for AIDS 2020, knowing it would be completely inaccessible to many affected by HIV worldwide — even for many living with HIV in the U.S. itself.

Thousands are standing up to this injustice. We refuse to put the lure of corporate donations and a misguided attempt to garner media coverage in front of the lives and safety of people living with HIV.

Now, the IAS is preparing to announce the conference co-chairs, without giving any serious answers to all the criticism and concern.

But we’re not backing down. We’ve got a big, diverse list of organizations (and many, many individuals) who have endorsed AIDS2020ForAll. Can you help us get the word out to even more? Our deadline for sign-ons is Wednesday, October 3. You can share the site link, or use this shorter URL: ABOUT US WITHOUT US

Thank you to St. James Infirmary, the first occupational health and safety clinic in the U.S. run by sex workers for sex workers (based in the San Francisco Bay-area), for their powerful Statement of Solidarity with AIDS 2020 For All.

We’d love to feature your perspective on AIDS 2020 — click here to submit a quote or statement as an individual and/or organization.


Wed., October 3: 11 am Pacific:  FROM BAD TO WORSE: Webinar on Trump’s Immigrant Public Charge Regulations

Join us for urgent discussion about pending regulations that have already worsened conditions for immigrants living with HIV and others in the US.
The Trump Administration wants to take away health care, housing, and food assistance from low-income immigrant families, including U.S. citizen children. Denying access to basic needs programs will decimate their health and wellbeing…

The proposal also deepens the nation’s racial divide. Immigrants who come to the United States through a family-based petition are overwhelmingly immigrants of color. The Administration’s choice to target family-based immigrants will worsen disparities in health, hunger, and every other social malady.

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